Born in January, I  am as Capricorn as they come. Ambitious, confident, sincere and a just littttttle bit of a control freak. I personally needed to learn that not everything is under my control, no matter how hard I tried.

I embarked on the most magical spiritual awakening by surrendering to life and living in the present. I now live a soul led life and am passionate about sharing the magic of spirituality with YOU.

We are souls living in human bodies, having human experiences and this is where I love the magic of spiritual practice; to bring us back to our core truth of our SOUL.

I am here to be your spiritual BFF through this game of life. My mottos is "it's happening for you, not to you." My intention is to fuel you with the knowledge to live as the highest best version of yourself and receive the magic the universe has in store for you. 


I'm Jamie