• 12 virtual guided meetings hosted weekly
  • Interactive questions with each reading 
  • Individual oracle card pulls after each meeting
  • Over 100 journal prompts
  • Text/phone support throughout book club
  • One 1:1 free 30 minute session with me
  • Opportunity to join an amazing community, make new friends and return to love 

a return to love guided book club

what's included?

next group starts fall 2024
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"Jamie's book club was absolutely wonderful and heart opening! She radiates such positive energy and her guidance empowers you to change any negative thought cycles or behaviors. It was also amazing to connect with other women on similar issues that you’re facing."

- Allison S.

"Jamie’s book club and subsequent book that she wrote are both such amazing resources for anyone that feels like that could use some guidance, or a reminder of all the love that surrounds us all. It was a great way to build a safe and trusting community, and this experience grounded me so much. I look forward to practicing gratitude and leading a life filled with love, to fend off all those fear based thoughts. Cannot recommend enough for anyone in any stage of life."

- Kat B.

"Jamie Aron’s book club takes you on a spiritual journey towards healing and growth, in a safe and supportive environment. With the guidance of Jaime, attendees learn about the larger meanings behind the words on the page. Being in a group with such like minded people allowed me to feel comfortable in sharing my vulnerabilities, and in turn we all supported and helped one another grow leaps and bounds along the way. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to reach their highest potential!"

- Haley S.


"I  had considered reading Return to Love many times but it wasn’t until I found out about Jamie’s book club that I decided to commit! Words can’t describe how grateful I am that I did. Before the book club I was hesitant to open up to anything spiritual - the word itself didn’t sit well with me. But through reading the book, reflecting with Jamie’s insight and guidance, and hearing the stories of others every other week something changed in me. I learned how to be actively aware of my thoughts, the power of fear and the greater power of love that can transform your thoughts and the way you live all parts of your life. I now have more awareness and peace of mind, am equipped with tools to recenter myself when I need, and have even continued to explore my relationship with other spiritual books. Reading this book by myself wouldn’t have had the same affect. It was the accountability and reflection with Jamie and the group that gave greater perspective and clarity to the words I was reading. I 100% recommend joining with an open mind and heart!"

- Catherine S.