• Guided messages from your spirit team
  • 11 card pull covering where you are in current time, next steps, what your soul is calling you to do, soul gifts and much more!
  • Approximately 1 hour video meeting


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  • Receive one card a day for the entire month 



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"Jamie was recommended to me by my best friend! We did a virtual reading which I don’t love because I feel it may be harder to connect but I was so wrong! Jamie is sweet, kind, open, sympathetic, and makes you feel comfortable during the reading. I  did two readings with her. She is REAL! The first reading felt very on Target but some things I felt I didn’t know if they pertained to me at the time. I then reread and went through my first reading three months later I found so much more made perfect sense to what was going on in my life. I just had my second reading with jamie its the perfect guide to the unknown in life. The feeling that you get in your gut that you aren’t sure of, the reason you missed the train, and the Devine path we are all on.I will continue my readings and friendship with Jamie for sure!"

- Nicole R.


"Jamie's readings are so powerful and even months later, I still reflect on the lessons Jamie shared with me during my reading. Jamie provides such a beautiful guided session that goes deeper into your current, future, and past experiences. During our time together, Jamie received downloads that were so aligned to elements of my life she didn't even know about-it was so apparent that Jamie is truly tapped in. The messages Jamie shared resonated so deeply and they provided so much comfort and light."

-Maddie L.